New guidelines for holiday rentals in Spain

From July 2018 it is necessary for rental platforms like Airbnb AND rental agencies to take in use the new “Modelo”, and it is considered YOUR responsibility everything is declared.  Make sure your property manager has everything in order, if not, the fines might be high! But DON’T WORRY! We handle all this and more […]

How to paint and maintain wrought iron

Spanish homes are surrounded by and covered in wrought iron. Most homes have railing and window covers in wrought iron, and these will get both rusty and discoloured if not maintained properly. Maintenance tips Wrought iron can rust when exposed to weather like rain or humidity. So even though Spain does not have a lot of rainy days, we […]

The DO´s and DONT´s when listing your rental property

Whether you are renting out short or long term, there are some all around do´s and dont´s you should follow! Follow these proven strategies when listing your property, and it will positively increase the amount of views you´re getting. Take a variety of pictures – Listings with nice pictures generally get more views  Post undesirable pictures – […]

Most homes will have smoke detectors, but does yours work?

Do you test the battery in your smoke detectors? Did you check the expiration date of it!? Did you know they can even expire? Smoke detectors have a lifespan of around 10 years. So, check yours if your house is older then this or you are unsure how old your detectors are. The manufacturing date […]

5 reasons why you should get a professional real estate photographer for your Spanish property

Professional Real Estate Photos or is your mobile device good enough? 5 arguments on why you SHOULDN´T skimp on good photos! Professional photography can be many things. But for this post, photos taken by a real estate agent and his/her camera phone, or any photos taken by a mobile device is not one of them […]

9 smart air-condition tips to lower your Spain electricity bill

Cost of electricity in Spain is crazy! Electricity prices in the EU have gone up 33% since 2008, and Spain is no exception! Spain comes in at number 5 of all the EU countries’ electricity bills . The cost of electricity in Spain is extremely high by EU standards. Only Italy, Ireland, Germany and Denmark […]