The DO´s and DONT´s when listing your rental property

Whether you are renting out short or long term, there are some all around do´s and dont´s you should follow!

Follow these proven strategies when listing your property, and it will positively increase the amount of views you´re getting.

Take a variety of pictures – Listings with nice pictures generally get more views

 Post undesirable pictures – Don´t post photos of messy rooms and clutter, and let in that light! Dark photos feel gloomy and sad.

Have a creative title – Stand out by using a creative title. Tell them something unique about your property.

 Use ALL CAPS in the description – You may think it is an effective way to demand attention, but it is hard on the eyes and there are far better ways to do it.

Remember your target market – Are you renting to elderly holiday goers, for families? Is This a short-term or long-term rental?

 Leave your add up after your property is rented – If you´ve found your tenants, take it offline.

Set a fair rental price – Research comparable properties, and price your rental competitively.

 Discriminate against tenants – There are laws against discrimination and these must be followed.  

 Look at other rental ads – What are others offering? Free WIFI, low deposit, shorter contracts?

 Exaggerate or misrepresent your property – Make sure all information you give is accurate and up-to-date.

 Use bullet points – Bulleted lists are much easier to read than a large paragraph of text.

 Be slow when replying to inquiries – Reply promtply! Otherwise, tenants may find another rental as they are probably looking at more than one option.

 Review the listing before posting – Make sure all your informations is correct, especially your contact information.

 Use excessive amount of abbreviations – Everybody may not understand your abbreviations, so keep it simple.

Follow these proven strategies and increase attention to your online listing!

If in need of help or support regarding the rental process, you may want to take a look here or contact us directly

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