Property Check

A common problem, especially in the Costa Blanca region, is burglary. Spain has, after the recession, had an explotion in burglary gangs who travel and cover large areas. In April 2017 a gang of 7 suspected was arrested in Murcia, after comitting a wave of burglaries.

We know that even though you’ve got insurance etc, it is devestating and frustrating to come to your Costa Blanca home, only to discover that there was a incident of burglary or vandalism. We understand it is a horrible way to start your relaxing days.

We offer a security check where we control the outer perimiter. We check your gates, doors, windows and locks.

We will customize this service to your need!

Utility Check

Finally taking some days, weeks and even months off in your relaxing Costa Blanca home? Stepping foot onto your property only to discover that you had a water leak, you lost your power supply that affected fridges, waterpumps etc. It is a horrible way to start off a nice relaxing time. These kind of incidents are inconvenient and can be VERY expensive

We offer to

  • Check your water supply

  • Check your electricity

  • Check your pool

Our services stops where the imagination stops, and we can deliver controls and checks on whatever you may want to be checked out. We understand that every customers need is unique. Leave your key with our safe environment and let us take care of your concerns.

Contact us today with your needs and we´ll make a customised service that will fit you.