9 smart air-condition tips to lower your Spain electricity bill

Cost of electricity in Spain is crazy!

Electricity prices in the EU have gone up 33% since 2008, and Spain is no exception! Spain comes in at number 5 of all the EU countries’ electricity bills . The cost of electricity in Spain is extremely high by EU standards. Only Italy, Ireland, Germany and Denmark have higher prices. In addition, Spain is also expensive when it comes to natural gas.

With all the sunshine in Spain you would think renewable energy like solar panels would be popular. However, reports from IEA (International Energy Agency), shows that Spain is the only country in the world to tax home renewable energy! So, how do you keep the cost down? There are a number of ways to live cooler and also use your aircon even smarter!

Use your air-condition right!

1. Keep your AC lower at night Your body doesn’t require the same temperature to stay comfortable at night as in day time. If you are finding it hard to fall asleep, check if your Aircon has a ‘sleep mode’. This enables you to lower your aircon on a timer. Thus, being able to fall asleep before you lower the output.

2. Pull down your blinds If the sun is seeping in through your windows it is heating up both you and your thermostat. So on the warmest part of the day, keep your blinds closed and of course your windows closed so all your cool air isn’t escaping.

3. Use a fan Using a fan will make both the room and you feel a lot cooler. According to research, a fan will make your room feel 10 degrees cooler, and only uses about 10% of the energy of a regular central air-condition system.

4. Close the vents in your basement A basement will most likely be the coolest part of your house. So close windows and vents in your basement, so the cool air doesn’t escape. This will help your house hold on the natural cool air.

5. Open the vents and windows in your attic                                                                               Your attic will naturally hold on to the warmest air in your house. By opening windows and vents, you will circulate the air. Helping warm out, and cool air in.

6. Rearrange your furniture
By allowing the air to flow naturally and free, without too many obstructions, your aircon will cool your room faster and with less energy. So check is your aircon is spending its energy cooling the back of your sofa instead of you! There are also extra parts you can buy for your aircon to force the air in the right direction, but arranging your furniture in a more favorable position, even if its only temporary, will do the trick cheaper and faster.
7. Keep your aircon on, even when you are not home
When you leave your house, it may sometimes actually be cheaper to leave your aircon on. So when you leave your house, set your aircon to a favorable 29’C. The house will be a little warmer than your comfortable with once you get back home, but your aircon wont have to work in overdrive to cool an even hotter room. Also make sure all your windows and blinds are closed when you are not home.

8. Turn off your lights Lights use both electricity and give off heat. This works against your effort to cool your room. So get in a routine, of only using lights in the room when necessary.

9. Service your unit! A good serviced aircon unit will always work better. Filters fill up over time, making less cool air to escape and making for aircon to work harder for the little you’re getting. So spending money on a service or even a new aircon unit, may save you money in the long run.

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