5 reasons why you should get a professional real estate photographer for your Spanish property

Professional Real Estate Photos or is your mobile device good enough?

5 arguments on why you SHOULDN´T skimp on good photos!

Professional photography can be many things. But for this post, photos taken by a real estate agent and his/her camera phone, or any photos taken by a mobile device is not one of them

Isn´t it strange that so few have focus on presenting properties in the best way possible?

92% of all potential customers search for properties online. Many landlords and sellers underestimate the value of professional real estate photos in their ads. But think of this: What is the only way (next to pricing) to make your future tenant or buyer stop at exactly your property when they are scrolling through the forest of ads?

Yep, that´s right….killer real estate photos!

Here are some arguments to back that up.

1. Potential customers are searching the internet for their next property In the last 10 years, the number of potential customers searching online for properties have gone up to a staggering 92%

2. Professional photos get more clicks Having beautiful, professional photos will draw more attention to your property´s ad. More clicks doesn´t necessarily mean a guaranteed sale, but it will draw more potential customers to your property and heighten your chance

3. Professional photos sell more Several studies have shown that the percentage of listings sold/rented with professional photos are higher than the ones with amateur, point-and-shoot photos. More and more real estate agents also see the difference in sales ratings after switching to professional photos

4. Having a professional take care of the photos saves you time, and stress Photographing, and especially real estate photos, takes time. And if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, it will make the whole thing a stressful experience. You may also end up unhappy with the result. The professional is experienced in this situation, knows how to arrange set-ups and get the best angles.

5. Professional real estate photographers know how to best present your property Real estate photographers will give you the best tips on how to style, or at least set up your property before pictures are taken. They don´t have the same emotional connection to the property, and will see it with a professional, selling eye.

These arguments will make it a no-doubt decision whether to use a professional real estate photographer or not.


Because, let´s be honest, you have seen all the horrible ads yourself. With dark pictures, closed blinds, fully stocked bathrooms and dirty over-filled living rooms and kitchens.

Professionalism sells, end of story!


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